How We Support You

Silver Cross stores benefit from a system that has been proven and

tested nearly 20 years and 200,000 clients.


Silver Cross has developed a proven marketing system to identify, and develop a network of active and reliable healthcare professional referrals. As a franchisee, you will benefit from the tools and experience we have developed nearly 20 years in business.

Silver Cross also maintains an aggressive, Internet marketing strategy that generates thousands of leads for prospective clients from all over the US and Canada. As  a result, in many cases, franchisees have an immediate source of potential customers to jump-start their business.


Silver Cross provides its franchisees with 4 weeks of comprehensive training before, during and after the launch of your business covering:

• 30 hours of preliminary correspondence training that includes product video training and operation manual review

• Five days of actual in store training that includes partaking in marketing implementation, installations, time management, showroom sales, customer home visits, actual on site assessments and referral source visits

• Two days of intensive administration and marketing overview training

• Six days of supplier training in product knowledge, installation and service procedures

• Two days of location launch assistance at your location

Topics covered in the training include:

• Referral network marketing and development

• Client sales consultation, proposals and commitment

• Installation and service

• Supplier relations

• Sourcing and selling recycled equipment