General Employee Questions:
1. What are the hours of work?

For all roles, employees are expected to work regular hours of 9am-5pm Monday-Friday. However, at Silver Cross, the hours of work can vary depending on the situations. If a customer is in need of a home assessment outside of these regular hours, a store manager would have to be available.

2. What is a good educational background to work at a Silver Cross?

The educational expectations vary from position to position. As a technician, you should have a college diploma in a technical discipline such as electronics. As a client care coordinator, you should have some healthcare sector experience couple with a college diploma. As a store manager, it is expected that you have a university degree, preferably in science , occupational therapy, kinesiology or similar.


3. Do you offer part time work?

Generally, Silver Cross does not offer any part-time work, but some busier locations may offer part time positions.

4. What are the opportunities for growth?

Silver Cross is a growing business, therefore there are opportunities to grow within the organization either at the store level with added responsibility, or at the corporate level in various roles in sales, marketing or operations.

5. What is involved in training?

Initial training usually takes place at one of our corporate stores to learn the store procedures and process, product knowledge and funding programs. Additional training with suppliers and manufacturers will be ongoing.

Franchise Questions:
1. How long does it take to start the Silver Cross business?

Once a franchise agreement is signed, it typically takes 60-120 days to begin operation of the business. During this time period, you will attend and complete training; identify and secure your office location and begin identifying the key referral contacts in your market.

2. What are the fees associated with being a Silver Cross franchisee?

The initial franchise fee for a Silver Cross healthcare equipment franchise is $45,000 for a primary territory. On-going fees associated with the operation of the business are a royalty of 5% of Gross Sales and an Internet Lead fee for each lead provided to a franchisee.

3. What is the investment to open a Silver Cross business?

The investment to open and begin operation of a new Silver Cross franchise ranges between $140,900-$223,000.  Of this amount, $45,000 is the franchise fee.

4. How much revenue and profit can a Silver Cross business generate?

Silver Cross does not provide any representation or information on the expected, projected or future earnings, sales or profitability of the Silver Cross franchise business. We strongly encourage you to speak with our existing franchisees to understand more about the financial model and potential of the Silver Cross business.

5. What kind of location do I need to operate the Silver Cross business?

A typical Silver Cross business will operate out of 1400-2400 sf space. The space is typically divided into 800-1200 sf of showroom space where you will display various equipment options and the balance is warehouse space.

6. Do I need any specials licenses or permits to operate the Silver Cross business?

In most areas, you will not need any special licenses, permits or other credentials to operate the Silver Cross business. In some cases, you will need to use or employ installers who have specific licenses or certifications.

7. Do I need to carry a lot of equipment inventory?

To be able to respond quickly to client needs, each Silver Cross franchisee will carry a modest inventory of lifting, mobility and accessibility equipment, both new and recycled. In most cases, you will be able to order or source equipment from a supplier to meet a client’s installation timing needs without having to incur the upfront costs of stocking yourself.