unnamedBecome a Team Member

Successful Silver Cross store partners will be involved in the day to day

operation of the business and fully committed to its success.

As a team member, your role will focus on some of the following things:


Networking with, presenting to, and staying in touch with healthcare professionals from various fields and disciplines is the best way to build your Silver Cross business.


You will interact with clients in their homes; provide consultation on their needs and present solutions that allow an individual the ability to remain in their home, living independently with the help of Silver Cross.

Business Management

You will manage the day to day operation of the business including finances,  customer service, ordering and scheduling.

Interested franchise owners should also consider the following:


Silver Cross franchisees should have the following financial requirements:

• Liquid Assets Available to Invest – $100,000 minimum
• Net Worth – $250,000 minimum
• Credit Score – 700 minimum
• Additional cash reserves and/or other source of income to support personal financial needs during 1st 12 months of operation


Silver Cross franchisees will have the following background and skills:

• Motivated and Success-driven
• Empathetic and patient
• Relationship oriented
• Composed and capable of managing multiple tasks at once
• Positive and outgoing
• Customer-service focused
• Solution oriented sales and marketing professional with track record and comfortable building long term relationships

“The Silver Cross advantage is the availability of recycled equipment. That gives customers a choice and allows them to save money.”

Mark Rell

Silver Cross Franchisee Owner, Simcoe