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What does it take to work at a Silver Cross store?


You naturally wake up happy even if it’s cloudy. You embrace challenges because that makes work interesting and you like to win. You’re at ease and even energized around new people because you enjoy hearing about their needs and how you can assist them.

Willingness to Learn

We won’t kid you, there’s a lot to know to work in our stores. From medical conditions to funding program red tape, to hundreds of products in our catalog to familiarize yourself with, you will need to listen and ask questions to get up to speed quickly. But maybe that’s what makes you different from the person at the pizza store and why you can succeed.

Compassion and Patience

You’ll meet people every day who have difficulty with daily living. You have the power to improve that, but it means you need to be patient to listen and put yourself in the client’s shoes for a bit to really understand what the best solution is for this person.

Hard Work

You won’t find a successful entrepreneur who said he didn’t work really hard to get there. Being part of our team requires self-motivation that drives you to do good work because you want to do it. You’re not a clock watcher, you’re not a wait-and-see person. You’re driven to succeed.

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Handy, efficient and good with people, you enjoy troubleshooting and you take pride in your work. Whether it’s fixing a stairlift, or installing a shiny new deck lift, you want to exceed the customer’s expectations. You know volts from amps and your level is not just in your toolbox, it’s how you run your head.

 Requirements: Valid driver’s license with clean driving record, mechanical aptitude, customer interaction and rapport, strong measurement skills for complex curved applications, works well under pressure to complete installations, and be adaptable to daily routines and show flexibility to customer requests

Ideally, you have a minimum of 2 years as a technician in a related field and a college diploma in a technical discipline such as electronics.

Client Care Coordinator

Detail is your middle name and you are energized around people. Truth be told, you are the gel that keeps everyone together. You know where people should be, what goes where and what every product does. Organized and efficient, your role keeps the store perfectly balanced every day. 

Requirements: proven administrative and organizational abilities, an insightful and pro-active sense of customer service, flexible working style to interact and respond to the needs of our clients, serve and liaise between clients and sales team, able to prepare quotes and computer generated information packages

Ideally, you have some healthcare sector experience coupled with a college diploma.

Store Manager

You are the go-getter. Unlike most store managers, you won’t be inside a retail store most of the time. You will be in client’s homes doing assessments, or you will be delivering educational sessions to local occupational therapists. You thrive on the mission to see as many possible clients as you can. You could have been a real estate agent, but you prefer the personal touch that healthcare delivers.

Requirements: Proven skills in administration and customer service, excellent communication skills, store management experience highly desired, valid driver’s license with clean driving record, bondable

Ideally, you have a minimum of 3 years of sales experience in a related field. You also have a university degree, preferably in science, occupational therapy, kinesiology, or similar.